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Your hair...
Your story…

Let’s write it together.

Kiss&Tell offers a full range of hair care and styling services. From beautiful blondes to captivating colours, to health restoring, frizz-eliminating Brazilian blow dries. Chantelle is more than just a talented colour specialist, cutter and styler. She is an artist and a storyteller, taking inspiration from each of her clients’ unique needs.

Hairdresser in salon

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All before-and-after pictures are Chantelle's work done on actual clients.


Very Short - R250.00

Short - R300.00

Medium - R400.00 

Long - R500.00 

Very Long & Thick - R550.00

All cuts include a treatment at the basin and styling process as it is necessary to see how the hair falls when it dries.

Before ladies haircut
After Ladies Haircut

Root Tint & Blowdry

Monthly Maintenance


Regrowth Longer Than 2cm


Before root tint and blowdry
After root tint and blowdry


Very Short: 

Half Head - R450.00

Full Head - R650.00


Half Head - R750.00

Full Head - R1,200.00

Long Hair: 

Half Head - R1,000.00

Full Head - R1,800.00

Toner price may vary.

Before Highlights
After highlights


Very Short - R450.00

Short - R600.00 

Medium - R750.00 

Long - R1,050.00 

Very Long - R1,500.00

Before hair colouring
After hair colouring


Please note that all balayage's are unique and tailored to clients' specific needs. 

Contact Chantelle via WhatsApp to book a free video consultation or simply send photos and a quote will be provided.

Before Balayage
After Balayage

We're Ready To Help You Love Your Hair...

Monday-Friday: 9am-5pm

Saturday: 9am-2pm


071 567 9804 (WhatsApp Only)

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